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I’m building an app that will allow users to embed YouTube videos and play them back on a daily basis. The purpose is to help people stick to their morning routine by showing relevant YouTube videos. E.g. I follow along to a ten minute yoga video in the morning. The video plays inside our app. I want to make sure that we are not breaching YouTube terms of service. I’ve noticed that ads don’t play when we embed the videos and am concerned we’ll get in trouble. I didn’t do anything intentionally to not play ads.

There are two questions to explore:

  1. Is it ok to embed videos I own the copyright on?
  2. Is it ok for users to select videos and embed them even if they don’t own the copyright?


To answer this two question , I advice you to read the Règles YouTube concernant les droits d’auteur et l’usage loyal – Comment fonctionne YouTube.
It contains all the details about YouTube video Embed, hope it help 😉

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