xcursorgen gives error on cursor compilation


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I was trying to make a cursor theme for Ubuntu GNOME and I ran into this error when generating/compiling the cursor files. I run the xcursorgen command as usual (xcursorgen *.in * where * is the filename) and it says

Bad config file data!
Error reading config file!

I found out what cursor files were causing the problem (see attached image below). The files at fault were watch.in and left_ptr_watch.in.
I checked the cursor syntax (cat /usr/include/X11/cursorfont.h) and those 2 cursors were not mentioned in the file. However, another cursor theme that I was using for reference DID have those as cursors (albeit precompiled). Is there a way to change this to support those cursors or at least some other workaround for this?

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Here’s the image


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