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im new to oracle agile plm can you solve me this.I refer Agile sdk guide but it not at all solving can you make this efficient search


In many documentations, you may not find code samples of every feature that there is. Instead, you are provided with one sample code which can be used with little modification for similar scenarios. In this case, you have code sample for reading the BOM table as below:

 private void printBOM(IItem item, int level) throws APIException {
        ITable bom = item.getTable(ItemConstants.TABLE_BOM);
        Iterator i = bom.getReferentIterator();
        while (i.hasNext()) {
            IItem bomItem = (IItem)i.next();
            printBOM(bomItem, level + 1);
    private String indent(int level) {
        if (level <= 0) {
            return "";
        char c[] = new char[level*2];
        Arrays.fill(c, ' ');
        return new String(c);

All you need to do is change TABLE_BOM to TABLE_MANUFACTURERS, update relevant attribute names and fetch data from required cells.

Hope this helps.

Also, here’s the link for latest documentation: SDK Developer Guide

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