Windows-10 wired USB mouse freezes


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Recently I started getting intermittent mouse freezes on my desktop PC. The pointer would freeze for several seconds, then usually it gets back to normal, but not always.

Sometimes, the freezing is brief without any other symptom.
Sometimes, I would hear the sound of a USB device being plugged out and in again.
Sometimes I will need to unplug and replug the mouse to fix the freeze.
And sometimes, even that won’t help, and neither will plugging another mouse into another USB port. The system will appear to not accept any new USB devices until I reboot it, even though the existing USB keyboard and drives will continue to work (unless unplugged).

The mouse is Logitech G400, with the latest software installed.
The Motherboard is an old Asus P8Z77-V pro, with the latest (still old) BIOS and drivers from Asus installed.

Latest “Asmedia USB 3.0 extensible host controller driver” from Microsoft site installed.

USB power saving disabled in Device Manager and in Power Options.

Interestingly, the Microsoft USB keyboard does not seem to be affected, even though it and the mouse are connected to the same USB port (via the Dell monitor’s USB hub)

Please advise.


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