Windows 10 – is there any way to increase the desktop resolution above monitor capabilities?


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I have a computer running Windows 10 that is primarily used via a remote desktop. It has a single physical display device connected to it for management tasks, which has a 1920×1080 resolution. (Technically, it’s not even a monitor but an IP-KVM.)

When connecting to the system via a remote desktop such as AnyDesk or Teamviewer, I am therefore limited to the 1920×1080 resolution, which is not optimal because the client machine would normally have a better display (typically 3840×2160).

Is there any way to forcibly increase the desktop resolution above 1920×1080 so that I could access it via the remote desktop? I do not care if the IP-KVM stops receiving video input (but I’d like to keep the desktop rendered by the actual GPU).

I remember that on much older systems (like Windows XP era) somewhere deep in the advanced tabs of the display configuration dialog there was a “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” checkbox that you could uncheck and select (presumably) any mode supported by the GPU, but looks like it’s unavailable on my system.


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