Wicket ContextMenu elements are not clickable. No action happens on left click


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Menu items display correctly and so does all the hover effects. However no action happens on left click. I am having trouble localising the issue, since I am not familiar with wicket. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.

Menu element:

ContextMenu l_vendorSelectMenu = new ContextMenu( "vendorSelectMenu" ) {

      private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

      protected void addMenuItem( ListItem<IMenuItem> p_item, IMenuItem p_menuItem ) {

        ProductGroupMenuItem l_menuItem = (ProductGroupMenuItem)p_menuItem;

        ProductGroupLabel l_panel = new ProductGroupLabel( "item",
                LambdaModel.of( l_menuItem.m_productGroupModel, UserProductGroup::getProductGroup ) );
        p_item.add( l_panel );

        p_item.add( new EmptyPanel( "menu" ) );

      protected String getPositionOption( Component p_component ) {
        return String.format("{ my: 'right top', at: 'left bottom', collision: 'none', of: jQuery('%s') }", JQueryWidget.getSelector( p_component ) );
    l_vendorSelectMenu.add( AttributeModifier.append( "style", "z-index:100;" ) );

    add( l_vendorSelectMenu ); 

Markup and styles:

<li class="menu-children vendor-wrapper">
        <a href="#" wicket:id="currentVendorPanel"></a>
        <wicket:container wicket:id="vendorSelectMenu"></wicket:container> </li>



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