[SOLVED] Why isn’t npm start not building and connecting to the dev server?


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I’m trying to work my way through a React course and I am consistently running into the same issue. Every time I use npm start after I’ve created the app I get this error in the browser: This site can’t be reached. Localhost took too long to respond or I get the error that it refused to connect.

Here’s everything I’ve tried to remedy the issue:

  • I’m not getting any errors in VScode’s built in terminal or my laptop’s terminal, it says everything compiled successfully.

  • I’ve tried opening the dev server on multiple different browsers: Brave, Chrome, Firefox.

  • I’ve created multiple different projects & all are having the same issue.

  • I’ve changed the port the dev server opens up on in VScode.

  • I’ve cleared my node cache.

  • I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled node & npm.

  • I’ve restarted my laptop multiple times

  • I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled VScode.

  • I even went so far as to completely factory reset my laptop & reinstall everything. It fixed the problem for a couple of days but now I’m back at square one dealing with the same issue.

My laptop is a 2017 MBP 13 running macOS Monterey. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Screenshot of package.json file

Screenshot of the response after entering npm start


I finally figured out the solution. I had to turn off my VPN for the npm start command to work.

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