Why is recomended way to mount rabbitmq.conf and definitions.json from docker-compose to host machine when using rabbitmq official image


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I have created docker-compose file that should start rabbitmq.

version: "2.2"
    image: "rabbitmq:<version>-alpine"
    hostname: "rabbitmq"
    container_name: "rabbitmq"
    mem_limit: "750m"
    networks: [ "traefik" ]
      - "./rabbitmq.conf:/etc/rabbitmq/conf.d/rabbitmq.conf:ro"
      - "./definitions.json:/etc/rabbitmq/definitions.json:ro"
      - "/setlog/rabbitmq/data:/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia" # data dir
      test: "rabbitmq-diagnostics -q check_running"
      interval: "20s"
      timeout: "7s"
      retries: 2
    restart: "always"

    external: true

My issue is that user of files inside of docker container is “rabbitmq” and when I do mount of this files from host machine to container as it is shown in code above, this files get new user and owner.

Can I somehow make that user outside of docker files is user “a” and that user inside of docker-container stays to be “rabbitmq” user?

Is there a way to check if it is important that user of this files is “rabbitmq” inside of docker container or not, I could not find anything in official rabbitmq docker image documentation ?


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