Why doesn’t boost::asio::ip::udp::socket::receive_from throw interruption exception in Windows?


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volatile std::sig_atomic_t running = true;

int main()
  boost::asio::thread_pool tpool;
  boost::asio::signal_set signals(tpool, SIGINT, SIGTERM);
  signals.async_wait([](auto && err, int) { if (!err) running = false; });

    std::array<std::uint8_t, 1024> data;
    socket.recieve_from(boost::asio::buffer(data)); // (1)
    // calc(data);
  return 0;

If my code is blocked in the (1) line in Linux and I try raise the signal, for example, with htop then the line (1) throws exception about the interruption but in Windows it doesn’t. The problem in what I don’t know how to exit the application.

What needs to do my program works equally in both OSs? Thanks.

Use Windows 10 (msvc 17), Debian 11 (gcc-9), Boost 1.78.


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