Why am I unable to use sockets in python to connect to a server with an ip address and port number?


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I have been searched all over the web and all examples with an ip address and port number connect like how I’ve done it.

 def on_connect(self):
    if self.button1['text'] == "Connect":
            #host = str(self.ltext1.get())
            #port = int(self.spin1.get())
            tcpsocket= socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
            server_adress = (host,port)
            self.button1['text'] = "Disconnect"
        self.button1['text'] = "Connect"

For me I have a server open at that port and I have successfully connect to it using a C++ client application but when I connect with the same ip address and port number it enter the except meaning the connect failed and my server does not even inform me of any attempt to connect(it does for the C++ client).

Where have I gone wrong in my code or what could possibly be the problem. I also disconnect and close the C++ client application to free up the port for my client.


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