Where do I find JavaFX ant tasks in Java 11?


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VSCode, Java 11 JavaFX 18.0.2

I am trying to package my code up for distribution as a desktop app. In my case I want a fully self-contained app because of my target user’s profile.

I have been through Jenkov add the Oracle docs here and here which suggest I need ant-javafx.jar. That jar file seems to have been dropped from the standard Java SDK some time around Java 7 and put into the regular JavaFX install lib folder.

It’s not there in the build I have.

JavaFX seems to have gone to openjfx.io and nowhere in there can I see support for the ant packaging jar. In fact I see openjfx as a retrograde step as they are increasingly forcing everyone into paid plans (try going round and round the loop of downloading anything that doesn’t require an LTS payment).

I have a suspicion that there is some silent assumption that everyone will use something from maven or gradle, and maybe the packaging tools are buried away in one of those build tools. For historical reasons I don’t use either and it should be possible to do this packaging without one of them.

So where do I get the JavaFX Ant build tasks from without having to pay someone?


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