Whats wrong with my template function, its giving me me the error of no known conversion?


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So here is my template, which has a findMax function in order to find the largest rectangle object in a vector:

    template<typename Object, typename Comparator> 
const Object & findMax(const std::vector<Object> & rectangles, 
Comparator cmp) { 
   int MAX = 0; 
   for(int i = 1; i < rectangles.size(); i++) { 
      if(cmp(rectangles[MAX], rectangles[i])) { 
         MAX = i; 
   return rectangles[MAX]; 

and here is the the line of code where the error occurs:


My display function works, and now im simply trying to display the rectangle is finds largest, but i get the error:

 candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'const Rectangle' to 'std::vector::size_type

Im stumped, what should i try?


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