What would be the easiest way to get the words ordered the same


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The Orginal image

My Design

        <div class="card-container">
          <div class="image-container">
            <img src="imagesimage-product-desktop.jpg" alt="product-image">
          <div class="text-container">
            <h1 class="heading">Gabrielle Essence Eau De Parfum</h1>
            <p class="body">A floral, solar and voluptuous interpretation composed by Olivier Polge,
              Perfumer-Creator for the House of CHANEL.</p>
            <p class="price1">$149.99<span>$169.99</span></p>
            <div class="button">
              <button type="button" name="button"><img src="imagesicon-cart.svg" alt="cart-icon">Add to Cart</button>
      box-sizing: border-box;
      background-color: hsl(30, 38%, 92%);
      display: flex;
      justify-content: center;
      align-content: center;
      margin-top: 200px;
      font-family:Fraunces ;
      font-weight: 700;
      max-width: 350px;
      line-height: 30px;
      background-color: white;
      padding: 30px;
      border-radius: 1px 15px 15px 1px;
      height: 900px;
      text-align: justify;
      border-radius: 15px 1px 1px 15px;
      background-color: hsl(158, 36%, 37%);
      border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;
      border: none;
      color: white;
      text-align: center;
      padding-bottom: 20px;
      margin-top: 550px;
    color: hsl(158, 36%, 37%);
    font-weight: 500;
      text-decoration: line-through;
      color: hsl(228, 12%, 48%);
      color: hsl(228, 12%, 48%);
      letter-spacing: 4px;
      color:  hsl(228, 12%, 48%);
      text-transform: uppercase;
      letter-spacing: 4px;
      font-family: Fraunces;

So i’m trying to build this card using HTML and CSS and I can’t seem to get the wording to be in the order of the original. I have tried flex box method as well as other various methods such as as using margin, line breaks and padding as well as letter-spacing to get it looking similar. I hope I was able to convey the issue I am having.


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