[SOLVED] What @EnableAutoConfiguration actually “auto-configured”?


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I’m reading Difference Between @ComponentScan and @EnableAutoConfiguration in Spring Boot article. See this:

When we define the spring-boot-starter-web dependency in our classpath, Spring boot auto-configures Tomcat and Spring MVC.

I can’t figure out what exact things been configured. Does it mean register DI container? Or something else? Is there any example explain this?


@EnableAutoConfiguration turns on auto configuration. Auto configuration tries to locate spring beans that should be configured for your application based on dependencies find in your classpath. Spring search for META-INF/spring.factories files. When it is enabled auto configuration class pointed by the property is loaded.

Consider below code snippet from spring source code:

after = {DataSourceAutoConfiguration.class}
@ConditionalOnClass({DataSource.class, JdbcTemplate.class})
public class JdbcTemplateAutoConfiguration {
  public JdbcTemplateAutoConfiguration() {

@ComponentScan on the other hand search for beans of your application code marked with stereotype annotations (@Component, @Controller, @Service, @Repository)

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