[SOLVED] What does ‘this’ refer to in this peace of the code?


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I am reading a code like below:

export abstract class CustomError extends Error {
  abstract statusCode: number;

  constructor(message: string) {

    Object.setPrototypeOf(this, CustomError.prototype);


  abstract serializeErrors(): { message: string; field?: string }[];

I can’t understand what does this refer to? I think in this case this should be equal to CustomError.prototype, and if so, this expression would be meaning less to me:

Object.setPrototypeOf(this, CustomError.prototype);

Because it’s like:

Object.setPrototypeOf(this, this);


this reffers to the variable itself. If I made a class,

class thing{
         constructor() {console.log(this)}
new thing();

"this" reffers to the class.

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