[SOLVED] What Can I Do To Make Visul Studio 2022 17.3.4 ndroidd Emulator Work?


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I try to create my first xamrin app. Unfortunetly my aadnroid emulator doesn’t work. When I Press run program button in Visual Studio, emulator is popping up and closing after a second.
Here is my build output: Here is my build output

Here is how my sdk looks like:
Here is my build output:

Here is my build output:

And there is what i installed in Visual Studio Installer:

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here


Please do the following:

  • Check whether the Windows Hypervisor Platform is enabled. Open Windows Features tool, click on the Turn Windows features on and verify if Hyper-V and Windows Hypervisor Platform are enabled.
  • Change the Xamarin Diagnostics output verbosity to Diagnostics. After that attach the build output.
  • On Visual Studio open the Android Command prompt (Tools\Android\Android Adb Command Prompt), run the following command below and attach the output:
  • Check the virtualization acceleration {android-sdk-path}\emulator\emulator.EXE -accel-check
  • Try to launch the emulator: {android-sdk-path}\emulator\emulator.EXE -no-boot-anim -verbose -avd {avd name} -prop monodroid.avdname={avd name}
  • You will find the {android-sdk-path} in Options > Xamarin > Android Settings

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