What are the alternatives to JNI


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I am creating a Java project with Java OpenGL that I want to use a native library with.
The native library that I want to include is GNU MPFR https://mpfr.loria.fr (C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations).

One way to do this would be building JNI library with Maven, but as I’ve written in my other post on SO, Can’t build maven project, hawtjni-maven-plugin:1.18:build uses vcbuild (outdated, from VS 2008)
, this appears not viable.

Thus, as a person suggested in the comments, I could use some other tools to build native libraries into .JAR, and that I should post another question.

So here it is, and I ask you if you know some reliable tools, alternative to JNI, for this purpose (and, preferably, the ones you have experience with).


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