[SOLVED] sp::proj4string(obj) : CRS object has comment, which is lost in output in R


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I am trying to run this vignette using the SUMMER package on my own data (shapefile of London at the LSOA level). This is how I import the shapefile:

#geo = readOGR(“./LSOA11_London_noclip/LSOA11_London_noclip.shp”)

The vignette works fine until I try to run the part under “We can visualize one or more metrics on the map is by the mapPlot function.” I get the following error :

Warning message: In sp::proj4string(geo) : CRS object has comment,
which is lost in output; in tests, see

I am aware of this topic, but when I try to import the shapefile with the sf package and rerun, I get another error:

Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an
inherited method for function ‘proj4string’ for signature ‘”sf”’

Thank you!


Use the sf package to read the shapefile:

R> area_dnipro <- sf::read_sf("dnipro.shp")
R> tm_shape(area_dnipro) + tm_polygons()

this does not show the warning.

See also ?tm_shape:

shp: shape object, which is an object from a class defined by the ‘sf’ or ‘stars’ package. Objects from the packages ‘sp’ and ‘raster’ are also supported, but discouraged.

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