[SOLVED] Want to check a single check box on every check box click, flat list any one can help me?


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I have a list of Items along with Check Box. I face a problem that when I click on a single check box all the checkboxes are selected. I want to check only those box who I will select.

const Items = ({item, index}) => {
    return (
<View style={styles.status}>
          <CheckBox onAnimationType='fill' offAnimationType='fade' boxType='square' disabled={false} 
          onValueChange={()=>{onChangeValue(item, index)}} />
return (
        keyExtractor={(item, index) => item + index}


you can add flag for active checkbox

const sampleData = [{
 text:"data 1",
 text:"data 2",


const [checkbox,setCheckbox] = useState(sampleData);

const changeCheckboxFlag = (index)=>{
   const newCheckboxData = prev;
   newCheckboxData[index].active = !newCheckboxData[index].active;
   return newCheckboxData;


onValueChange={()=> changeCheckboxFlag(index)

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