VSCode not recognising virtual F13-F24 keys


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VScode is not recognising F13-F24 keys.

I’ve changed my left Win key to output F13 using SharpKeys by writing to registry. Suddenly after the last update, VScode has stopped recognising any key that has been changed using this method.

The key still works as the keys are still recognised by other programs and by scripts in AutoHotkey.
When i use ‘recording keys’ in the keyboardShortcuts in VScode and hit the Win key (now F13), it does not show anything as a response. This is a recent change as I had used the F13 key for about a month with no issues.

I’ve tried F13 , F15 , F19 and F24 with none of them but the F24 one showing anything. The F24 key is shown as “Unknown” in the keyboardshortcuts tab.

On the vscode github, i saw one issue which was similar to this but that was closed with no answer.

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