[SOLVED] VHDL: formal port ‘portName’ has no actual or default value


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I’m trying to simulate my VHDL component in Vivado and i’m receiving a compilation error: “formal generic ‘n’ has no actual or default value”. I would appreciate any advice or solution to this error.

I have seen the issue VHDL: formal port ‘portName’ has no actual or default value and my error, although similar, does not seem related.

entity bit_tester is 
generic (N : integer);
port(in1 : in bit_vector (N-1 downto 0);
    out1 : out bit;
    out2 :out bit;
    out3 :out bit);
end bit_tester;

architecture behavioral of bit_tester is


IEEE Std 1076-2008

11.7 Component instantiation statements

component_instantiation_statement ::=
    instantiation_label :
            [ generic_map_aspect ]
            [ port_map_aspect ] ; 


generic_map_aspect ::=     
   generic map (generic_association_list ) 

You have a semicolon too much at the end of generic map(BIT_DEPTH,INPUT_CLK,FREQ);, for this reason, it is not seeing the mapping of the ports and giving you the error.
To solve the error just delete that semicolon:

dev_to_test: PWM
        generic map(BIT_DEPTH,INPUT_CLK,FREQ)
        port map(Pwm_Out,Duty_Cycle,Clk,Enable);

PS: to reduce the risk of design errors, it is good practice to use named association in port and generic mapping instead of positional.

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