Using terraform, ecr and docker image: Error in data “external” “hash”:


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I’m trying to build this Project on GitHub:

It fails with this error:

Error: External Program Execution Failed
│   with data.external.hash,
│   on line 3, in data "external" "hash":
│    3:   program = [coalesce(var.hash_script, "C://VS//terraform-aws-ecr-docker-image//"), var.source_path]
│ The data source received an unexpected error while attempting to execute the program.
│ Program: C://VS//terraform-aws-ecr-docker-image//
│ Error: fork/exec C://VS//terraform-aws-ecr-docker-image// %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I’m stumped as to what the problem is with the External Hash being generated?

It’s a clone of this popular Git Repo so unless something changed in the last few years it doesn’t work – despite 26 stars.


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