URLSessionDataTask – upload parameters with multipart/form-data content type


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I would like to create body like in this curl example:

curl --location --request POST 'https://request.url' 
--header 'Authorization: Bearer xxx' 
--form 'name="Name"' 
--form 'data="[{"text": "This is comment", "another": "Thomas"}]"'

How can I implement this and correctly set httpBody in URLRequest?

I tried different approaches but nothing seems to work. Simple:

let body = NSMutableData()
body.appendString("name=" request.name))
body.appendString("data=" + "[{"text": "This is comment", "another": "Thomas" }]"))
return Data(body)

Then I tried to prepand: "Content-Disposition: form-data;". Or added line breakers. Nothing seems to be working.

That lines of code are part of class that helps me work with requests. What’s the simplest way to get it working? Thanks for help


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