[SOLVED] update the iterator while looping through a list


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Newbie question… Looping through a list, and I want to update the iterator with the value at each index until I find the value ‘0’. Then return the index ‘0’ is located at.

I think it’s similar to a “sidewinder” algo, but I’m really unfamiliar!

here’s a photo of what i’m trying to do:

here's a photo of what's i'm trying to do


I am not quite sure what result you expect, but is this code satisfy your question?

l = [2,4,3,1,0,7,8,0,9]
i = 0

for idx, val in enumerate(l):
    idx = val
    if val == 0:
        result = l.index(val)
    print(f'index: {idx} --- value: {val}')


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