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I Writing a code that loops 1000 times in assembly language, although I keep getting these errors:

main.s(48): error: A1137E: Unexpected characters at end of line
main.s(53): error: A1137E: Unexpected characters at end of line
main.s(55): error: A1163E: Unknown opcode endloop , expecting opcode or Macro
".SimpleProject.axf" - 3 Error(s), 0 Warning(s).

Here is an Example of my code:

MOV R0, #1, i = 1;
    cmp R0, #1000
    BGT endloop
    ADD R1, R1, R0
    ADD R0, R0, #1, i++;
    B startloop


Try changing the erroneous line to:

MOV R0, #1

Clearly i = 1; was supposed to be a comment, but you accidentally typed a comma instead of whatever comment character is supported by your assembler. Read the documentation of your assembler to learn comment syntax.

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