Understanding better concept of schema – making changes in schema vs changes in Table


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I’m trying to understand the concept between schema and table. I read a lot but haven’t found an answer to the following question. Could anyone explain it to me?

Describes the structure of data in the database. It includes definitions of tables, columns, data types, indexes etc. As someone wrote here: [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17073676/a-better-understanding-of-schema-in-sqlserver][1] it's a container for DB objects.

It keeps data and has properties for each column. Which I understand is kept in schema - right?

So I’d like to understand:

If I make a change in the property of a column for X table, do I
change as well the schema to which this table is attached?

If yes, then how it affects different tables attached to the same schema?

Or maybe schema is divided among all the tables? And it keeps separate information about tables X, Y, Z etc? And changes only schema for the table that was changed?


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