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Guys, I’m having problems deploying my streamlit application, I include the RCurl package in the packages.txt list, however the deploy is interrupted with the following message:

unable to locate package RCurl

Another interesting thing:

The first time I deployed, RCurl was not included, and my application ran normally.

However when I performed a second deployment of the same application, when executing a function dependent on this package it returned “there is no package called RCurl

Importantly, this same function was performed on the first deploy.

From then on I tried both ways:

  • listing the RCurl in packages.txt, and
  • not listing RCurl in packages.txt

in the first form the deploy is completed but when executing the function the following message is returned “there is no package called RCurl

and when trying the second way the deploy is interrupted with the following message: ‘Unable to locate package RCurl

Can anyone give me a hint of a possible solution?



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