[SOLVED] TypeError: expected token to be a str, received instead


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I’m wanting to make a simple discord bot. What it does isn’t too important other than the fact that I want it to send messages at certain times. The code below is very basic and is not the finished product.

# bot.py
import os

import discord
from dotenv import load_dotenv

intents = discord.Intents().all()
intents.messages = True


client = discord.Client(command_prefix=',', intents=discord.Intents().all())

async def on_ready():
    print(f'{client.user} has connected to Discord!')


Am I doing something wrong? If so, please tell me. I’ve been stumped for hours now and all I have for reference is this error:

TypeError: expected token to be a str, received <class 'NoneType'> instead

I’ve read so many articles about it, but none of them seem to work! Please tell me why!


While having the full traceback would be useful in general, the error

TypeError: expected token to be a str, received <class ‘NoneType’> instead

hints that the token passed in is None, not a string.

Your code


tries to load a .env file (to load variables from it to the process environment) and then accesses the environment variable FAKETOKENBLAHBLAHBLAH.

If you don’t have FAKETOKENBLAHBLAHBLAH=... in your .env file or the environment you’re running your program in, then os.getenv() will return None, and TOKEN will be None.

It sounds like you might want os.getenv('DISCORD_TOKEN') or similar, so you’d use DISCORD_TOKEN as an environment variable name.

Answered by AKX

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