Triggering an event when Google Assistant is finished listening/acting


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I’m trying to make network requests (to a simple server on Windows listening over the local network) when Google Assistant is triggered, so I can have Windows pause media when Google Assistant is listening, and then resume media after Google assistant finishes. This is so that my phone, next to my computer, doesn’t pick up my computer audio when it’s trying to listen to me.

What are some options for approaching this? Is there a built in way to do this with Google Home routines, adding an action when assistant finishes its normal operation? Alternatively, is there some intent I can intercept with Tasker, or some sort of broadcast I can listen to, that indicates Google Assistant just finished? I just got Tasker today, and don’t really know how broadcasts work on Android, so I may be asking the wrong sort of question.

For context, I’m currently using a physical Flic button to trigger my phone’s Google Assist feature, but I can also send arbitrary intents with Flic, or chain multiple simple actions (including network requests).

Any ideas how I could go about this?


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