Traefik error: field not found, node: entryPoint


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currently working to update traefik from 1.7 to 2.5 for Kubernetes 1.22 support. After changing my ingress charts to the 1.22 spec, and updating the traefik image that gets pulled, I get the following error while the traefik pod is starting up:

command traefik error: field not found, node: entryPoint

My toml file is defined in a ConfigMap.

defaultEntryPoints = ["http"]

      address = ":12000"

      address = ":13000"

      address = ":14000"

      address = ":15000"

    directory = "/config/dynamic"
    watch = true

    ingressClass = "data-service-fabric"

    entryPoint = "ping"

    entryPoint = "api"

      entryPoint = "metrics"

It looks like maybe the error is coming from the fact that the kubernetes resource definition doesn’t have an entryPoint, but it didn’t in version 1.7 so i’m confused as to why it’s required now. I don’t see it required in version 2.5. Any ideas here? I’ve posted this on the traefik community form with no help.


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