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I have a problem with bind_class. I want to bind some events for all buttons in my topLevel mainWindow. But my other topLevel themeWindow‘s buttons also effected from this.

My code:

root = tk.Tk()
mainWindow = Toplevel(root)
themeWindow = Toplevel(root)
#my buttons and labels
mainWindow.bind_class('Button', '<Enter>', onCursorButton, add='+')

And themeWindow‘s buttons keep effecting from <Enter> and <Leave> event.


Try this code:

import tkinter as tk

def get_masters(widget):
   output = []
   while widget.master is not None:
      widget = widget.master # Get the widgets master
      output.append(widget)  # Append it to the list
      if isinstance(widget, tk.Toplevel): # If we incounter a toplevel stop
   return output

def function(event):
   print("Is the widget's master `main_window`?: ", main_window in get_masters(event.widget))
   # Check if the widget that caused the event is in `main_window`
   if main_window in get_masters(event.widget):
      print("Hangle event")
      print("Ignore event")

root = tk.Tk()
main_window = tk.Toplevel(root)
theme_window = tk.Toplevel(root)

button = tk.Button(main_window, text="Main Window")

button = tk.Button(theme_window, text="Theme Window")

main_window.bind_class("Button", "<Enter>", function, add="+")

The function get_masters returns a list of all of the frames+window that the widget is in. In function, we check if the widget that caused the even is in main_window or not. Based on that we can either handle or ignore the event.

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