The provider ‘vmware_desktop’ could not be found on macos m1


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  • install both vagrant and vmware via homebrew
brew install --cask vagrant
brew install --cask vmware-fusion
  • verify that everything is installed
➜  ~ vmrun -T ws list

Total running VMs: 0
➜  ~ vagrant -v

Vagrant 2.3.0
  • set the default provider as vmware_desktop in my .zshrc (and “sourced” it)
export VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER=vmware_desktop
vagrant init hashicorp/bionic64
vagrant box add hashicorp/bionic64

and select the option 3) vmware_desktop

  • finally run vagrant up from the initialised folder and observe the error
The provider 'vmware_desktop' could not be found, but was requested to
back the machine 'default'. Please use a provider that exists.

Vagrant knows about the following providers: docker, hyperv, virtualbox

did I make some mistake in the setup


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