[SOLVED] TFlite Model that runs on a List of tensor Images


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So I’m stuck trying to feed this model input data, it’s supposed to take an array of TensorImages, but I’m stuck doing it, if someone could help me with it I would really appreciate it, I can’t figure it out.

fun getCount(interpreter: Interpreter): Int {
    var images = getImages()
    images = preprocessImages(images as ArrayList<TensorImage>) as ArrayList<TensorImage>
    var listImages = mutableListOf<TensorBuffer>()
    for(i in 0 until images.size){
    var imgBatches = mutableListOf<List<TensorBuffer>>()
    imgBatches.add(0,listImages as List<TensorBuffer>)

    var inputBuffer = TensorBuffer.createFixedSize(interpreter.getInputTensor(0).shape(),interpreter.getInputTensor(0).dataType())
    var outputBuffer = TensorBuffer.createDynamic(interpreter.getOutputTensor(0).dataType())

    Log.d("Output", outputBuffer.toString())
    return 0


You can’t pass a Kotlin Mutable list to inputBuffer.loadArray()
It needs to be one Array. The quickest fix is to pass the images one by one in a loop. I also suggest you look into ImageProcessor to prepare your input, it will help you avoid further bugs. I don’t know what the format of the image is and what the output is supposed to be but assuming it’s a bitmap:

fun getCount(interpreter:Interpreter): Int {

val imageProcessor = ImageProcessor.Builder()


var images = getImages()

for (img in images) {

    val tensorImage = imageProcessor.process(TensorImage.fromBitmap(img))
    val inputBuffer = tensorImage.tensorBuffer

    val pred = interpreter.process(buffer)
    val outputBuffer = pred.outputFeature0AsTensorBuffer

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