Text based tkinter game loop only seems to work once


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I have a python based text adventure game I am trying to turn into a tkinter GUI.
Python game is here, if interested: https://github.com/Russjas/annoying-game/blob/main/Adventure_Game.py

For the GUI:

import tkinter as tk

key = 0
dagger = 0
tome = 0
ruby = 0
user_input = ''

def write(text):
        Console.insert('1.0', text)
def startroom():
        global key, ruby, tome, dagger, place
        place = 1
        key = 0
        dagger = 0
        tome = 0
        ruby = 0
        write('The room is panelled in dark wood, with dirt in the corners and mysterious stains on the walls. The room has 4 doors, one for each cardinal point. Which one do you want to take? (N, S, E, W) ' )
        write('You awaken in a mysterious room, lit by flickering candlelight.n in your right hand is a compass, in your left is a list of 4 items "tome, key, ruby, dagger"')

def roomfinder():
    global place
    if place == 'start':
        if user_input == 'start':
            write('Please enter a valid response')
    elif place == '1':
        if user_input.lower() == 'n':
            write('You fall to your doom. There was no room here! n n')
    #whole bunch of other elif statements for input where place == 1 and further elif for other values of place

root1 = tk.Tk() # name of the main window in the GUI
root1.title('An Annoying Game')

label = tk.Label(root1, text='testGUI', font=('Arial', 18)) 
label.pack(padx=50, pady=50) #.pack puts it into the window

Console = tk.Text(root1, height=10, padx=5, pady=5, wrap=tk.WORD)

entrybox = tk.Entry(root1)
entrybox.bind("<KeyPress>", shortcut)

write('Are you sure you want to continue? nType start to begin. nIf it all gets too much, quit at any time with Q')
place = 'start'

So when I run this, the gui opens, if I type start press return I get the startroom() text (as expected), but if I type more input nothing further happens except console and entrybox get blanked. No errors are raised

I know that user_input and place are modified correctly (I have printed them to the console after running the loop), but even if ”’place == 1”’ and “user_input == ‘n'” on the return key it does not “write(‘You fall to your doom. There was no room here! n n’).”


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