Testing whether Keycode and Modifier are associated with Hyper key


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I would like to change my keyboard layout configuration so that I can use the Hyper key for executing commands in Emacs.

Would like to check whether the Hyper key is associated with Keycode 66 and whether I can use it as a Modifier key for Emacs.

To check whether Keycode 66 is associated with the Hyper key. I use

keymap_test=$(xmodmap -pke | grep "Hyper" | grep "66")

Then I need to check whether there exists a Modifier map associated with the Hyper key. I use

modmap_test=$(xmodmap -pm | grep "Hyper" | grep "mod")

Is this all I have to do to ensure that the Hyper key is set up properly for use as a Modifier key for Emacs?


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