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I have a javafx application which has a few fields, like an anchorPane. In its .fxml file, that anchorPane has a few fields like these

How can I test these values? I’m sure that JUnit can test object values, so I was wondering if I can make something like


Not sure but that might be as simple as instantiating an entity class (lets name it Person) and do something like

Person person = new Person("Maria");

The point here is that I’m not sure how can I inject the object values from my class into the tests, assuring that Person (or AnchorPane) from my class has the same values in my test.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!


I don’t know if you already thought about this, but there is a test library called TestFX. It is made to test JavaFX applications easily. Maybe it can help you:

For example you can proof the input of textfields or simulate mouse clicks. You can find more information on the given url.

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