Supabase triggers : Getting syntax error at or near “select” (SQL)


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Iam trying to insert a new row in profiles table when a new user is created in auth table using a trigger in the supabase dashboard

But when creating the function for the trigger I get Failed to create function: failed to update pg.functions with the given ID: syntax error at or near "select" error

This is the function that is called in the trigger

  insert into public.profiles (id,email,user_name)
  values (,, select left(replace(, '.', '-'), charindex('@', replace(, '.', '-')) - 1));
  return new;

The profiles table has 3 columns , id,email,user_name

the user_name needs to be characters before “@” in an email , and any “.” needs to be replaced with “-” , example : "" -> "test-123"

Screen shot for the created function in supabase

Iam new to SQL and having trouble figuring this out , any help is must appreciated !


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