Struggling with connection issues with Postgres, NodeJS, and Node-Postgres


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I use node js and node-postgres to manage my data.

One of the most common things I do is read data from the database, and then do something with that data. Often times, I update the database based on the outcome of a specific action.

I use elephant SQL to host my DB. My connection limit is 5 and I have set set this to 5:

const pool = new Pool({
    max: 5, // sets max connections

However, when I run scripts, I still get “too many connections”.

As a workaround, I write scripts with set interval, like this:

const { pool, client } = require("./database/pgConnect");

const main = () => {
  Select * from raw_data
  WHERE website = ''
  limit 1
        .then((data) => {
            const rows = data.rows;
   (row) => {
                const id =;
                const website ="@")[1];

                await pool
        update raw_data
        SET website = $1
        WHERE id = $2
                        [website, id]
                    .then(() => {
                        console.log(`${website} updated...`);

setInterval(() => {
}, 2000);

Is there a better way to do this? Why am I going over the connection limit when I have set it to 5?


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