State’s value remains the same as initialized value in Flatpickr handler


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I am trying to debug a very weird solution that I encountered on my project, but I can’t seem to reproduce the same issue whilst inputting the same code in Sandbox.

So, I am using react-flatpickr to create a calendar component. In the App, I use it like this.

const DatePickerCompo = () => {
  const [ value, setValue ] = useState(new Date());

  function clearDate() {

  return (
          value={ value }
          onChange={ setValue } />
      <Button type="primary" onClick={ removeDate }>Clear</Button>

The component itself is big, but I stripped down to the bare minimum, in order to understand what’s the issue.

export const DatePicker = forwardRef(({
  onChange = () => { }
}, forwardedRef) => {
  const [currentDates, setCurrentDates] = useState(value);

  const ref = useRef();

  function handleChange(dates) {

  useEffect(() => {
  }, [ value ]);

  return (
      ref={ ref }
      onChange={handleChange} />

Here’s the problem. In the handleChange function, currentDates has always the same value as the one we use to initialize the state. I do not understand what I am doing wrong, because, even if I initialize currentDates with null or any other value, it will remain the same everytime I change the date.

One thing to note is that, if I use a useRef to store the value, it works fine.


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