[SOLVED] Stateflow collect multiple times inside each button click event. How to resolve this issue?


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I checked and found that collects have been increased two times by each click . I don’t know what is the cause and what is the remedy for below code . I am a beginner in Android dev and this issue becomes a headache for me.

 binding.downloadBtn.setOnClickListener {
        var count = 0
            if (id != null) {       
                viewModel.getDownloads.collect {
                    Log.i("torrent movies", "count ${count} and download ${it}")               
                    if (downloads!=null) {
                        bundle.putParcelable(Constants.DOWNLOADS, downloads)
                            .navigate(R.id.action_movieDetailsFragment_to_downloadFragment, bundle)


Your count variable and viewModel.getDownloads.collect {} this code should be outside of onClick(). In your current code everytime user is performing click we are setting the collect

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