ssh-keygen unable to verify key “unknown option — Y”


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I am trying to verify my public key on a Gitea instance. Gitea provides a token for me to generate a signature; The instructions say:

echo -n 'TOKEN_PROVIDED' | ssh-keygen -Y sign -n gitea -f PATH_TO_PUBLIC_KEY

When I do this, ssh-keygen replies with

unknown option -- Y

I’ve been able to verify before on my personal computer, but it seems like ssh-keygen on the server I am logged in at has a different ssh-keygen as it seems to be missing that flag.

  • Should I be using a different version of ssh-keygen?
  • How else could I verify with my current ssh-keygen version?

Specific stack info (although I hope the answers are general enough to be applicable elsewhere):

  • Debian 10


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