SSH into gateway server, request compute node, and automatically ssh into the allocate node


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Specifically I am using the lisa compute terminals, but I haven’t been able to find out whether this is possible and how to if so. The steps I (believe I) want to achieve are:

  1. Connect to user@gateway,
  2. Request a compute node with X cores for Y time,
  3. Wait for the node to be allocated,
  4. ssh into this node.

Ideally I want to set up my ssh config to allow me to allocate and use a compute terminal in a single ssh command, but for the time being I began writing a script to do what I want.


ssh user@host salloc -n ${1:-1} -c 4 -t ${2:-00:00:01} |
while IFS= read -r line; do
    if grep -o "r[0-9]+n[0-9]+" "$line" ; then
        ASSIGNEDHOST = "`grep -o "r[0-9]+n[0-9]+" "$line"`"
        echo "$ASSIGNEDHOST"
ssh user@"$ASSIGNEDHOST".host

Unfortunately what happens now is that it sshes in fine and allocates a node, but doesn’t go from there. How should I escape the while loop once it detects (via grep) an allocated node?


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