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I’m making a query that will return a multiple of rows, I need to find a way to loop through these rows and extract a value from each row.

How can I make a for loop that will start from the first row and end at the last ?

repo = findbyID
for (int i = ? ; i = ? ; ? ) // Id's are not in order and can be somthing like 5,2,10,12...


Your syntax seems a little bit off. Perhaps you want something like this:

List<Item> items = itemRepository.findAll();
items.forEach(item -> System.out.println(item.getId()));

You could also explicitly specify the order, by convention, in the method name itself, if you’re using Spring Data:

List<Item> items = itemRepository.findAllByOrderByIdAsc();
items.forEach(System.out.println(item -> item.getId()));

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