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Im banging my head against the wall. I hope you can help

I have the following columns in my invoice table:


each JobNumber value will have 1 or more InvoiceNo
I have a variable (‘JobNo’) that I will receive from an external system
I need to use this variable to check :

  1. Check each invoice attached to the JobNo variable is paid or not using the InvoicePaidDate and return a string “Invoice 1234 IS PAID” or “Invoice 1232 IS NOT PAID”, and
  2. Return 1 additional string if all invoices are paid “ALL INVOICES ARE NOW PAID”

Is it possible to do this with a single query?

Im stuck with a rumentary select stement:

Select Case When InvoicePaidDate IS NULL then 'Invoice ' + InvoiceNo + ' Is Not Paid yet' else 'Invoice ' + InvoiceNo + ' Is Paid ' END as PaymentStatus From Invoices


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