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I’ve got a bunch of strings in this format.

[24/4/2018 15:47:20] doctor's appt
[22/8/2016 11:47:09] workshop @ block 3
[24/4/2018 15:45:33] buy eggs
[31/2/2017 13:44:40] good day
[31/2/2017 13:44:35] flight

I’m trying to sort them in an ascending order according to the date and time using Python but I can’t really figure it out. I’d really appreciate some help.


Ignoring that 31/2/2017 is an invalid date, this should do it for you:

from datetime import datetime

lst = []
file = open('dates.txt', 'r')
for line in file.readlines():
    formatStr = '[%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S]'
    datePart = ' '.join(line.split(' ')[0:2])
    dateobj = datetime.strptime(datePart, formatStr).date()
    lst.append((dateobj, line))


This assumes all of your dates are in a file called dates.txt one per line in the format you specified.

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