[SOLVED] No matching client found for package name (Google Analytics) – multiple productFlavors & buildTypes

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I’m trying to set up Google Analytics for my app. (having 4 custom buildTypes and more than a few productFlavors)

It works fine when I select the Build Variant which has the applicationId set to com.my.app.package.name (the package name used when generating the google-services.json). But, my other flavors have different applicationIds.

I followed the offical devguide to set it up.

Error I get when any another build variant is selected in Build Variants Tab (which has a different applicationId (package name) is as follows:

Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:processAllcategoriesDebugfreeGoogleServices’.

No matching client found for package name ‘com.my.app.package.name.debug’

Explanation of Error Message:

In the task name in the error message above Debugfree is my custom buildType and Allcategories is one of my productFlavors.

I understand the error and know the package name is different from what i used when generating the json, but that is what I’m trying to figure a way around.


Now, the google-services.json resides in the app folder and hence I am not being able to separate them out for each product flavor by dropping them in the flavor specific source set folder.


  1. My custom byildType for debugging suffixes .debug to the applicationId (package name). Is there a way I can make it work with the google-services.json which has my release applicationId (i.e. without the suffix .debug)
  2. Is there a way to have multiple product flavors configured in the same google-services.json file without using separate files and tasks to copy the required file to app folder. I know it can be done using task as mentioned in this post. Is there a simpler way to just have one file or pick right file based on gradle configuration?
  3. I see the package_name field in google-services.json has the package name com.my.app.package.name. Can I add multiple package names manually to work for all build variants? If yes, how to do that? Could not find any instructions in documentations.


Found this:

The google-services.json file is generally placed in the app/ directory, but as of version 2.0.0-alpha3 of the plugin support was added for build types, which would make the following directory structure valid:



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