[SOLVED] Need table of key codes for android and presenter

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Can someone point me to the list of key codes that come from getKeyCode() in numeric form so that for example if I look up 72 I see “]” and if I look up 24 I see “vol up”.

I have been looking for an hour and the answer is not an ASCII table. That would be too easy…

I am getting key codes off my mouse-presenter and trying to intercept them. There is one key that puts out 57 and 117 that I cannot intercept and I wanted to decode it before asking a question about it but can’t find the reference. I think 117 is shift but I don’t know what 57 is. That key on the presenter takes me out of my app even if I intercept it.


OK, I found it finally.

Key Event This document lists volume up as 24. The key code I was looking for is Alt-Menu and apparently it executes regardless of having the key intercepted.

Thanks to those those who took the time to reply.

Answered By – Allen Edwards

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