[SOLVED] Navigation Architecture Component- Passing argument data to the startDestination

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I have an activity A that start activity B passing to it some intent data. Activity B host a navigation graph from the new Navigation Architecture Component.I want to pass that intent data to the startDestination fragment as argument how to do that?


OK, I found a solution to that problem thanks to Ian Lake from the Google team. Let say you have an activity A that will start activity B with some intent data and you want to get that data in the startDestination you have two options here if you using safe args which is my case you could do


to read the args from the Intent. If you don’t use safe args you can extract the data from the bundle your self-using requireActivity().intent?.extras which will return a Bundle you can use instead of the fragment getArguments() method. That’s it I try it and everything works fine.

Answered By – Ahmed Abdelmeged

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