[SOLVED] Is it possible to enable -fae/–fail-at-end by default?

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I know I can instruct Maven to keep going after a failure with the -fae/–fail-at-end command-line option. Is there a way to set this behaviour as default for a given module?

Some background:
I’m moving from an Ant build to a Maven-based build, and the other developers on the team are used to the build completing even when there are failed unit tests. With a ~200-module product, the build takes a fair amount of time, and it would be ideal if developers could see all failing tests from the beginning, without having to remember to add the -fae option.

From reading the Maven docs, I get the feeling that the answer is a resounding “no”, but I just want to cover my bases and make sure there isn’t some sort of undocumented way to do this…



To skip test failures you can use property maven.test.failure.ignore. Of course you can use this property per module if you have parent and children poms.

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