[SOLVED] How to stop playing a sound initiated in AlarmManager in Flutter

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I’m currently writing an alarm clock app in Flutter and need to be able to start playing a custom sound at a specific time, even without the app currently running. I’ve already been able to achieve this with the following code (Using Android Alarm Manager Plus Flutter Package):

onTap() async {
    await AndroidAlarmManager.oneShot(
                    const Duration(seconds: 5),
                    exact: true,
                    wakeup: true,

Future<void> playRingtone() async {
  await FlutterRingtonePlayer.play(
    fromAsset: "assets/song.mp3",
    looping: true, // Android only - API >= 28
    volume: 0.1, // Android only - API >= 28
    asAlarm: true, // Android only - all APIs

For test purposes I’m firing an alarm 5 seconds from the point in time where the associated button is pressed. Now, here is where I run into a problem: It turns out to be rather diffcult to stop playing that same sound.

The code that is supposed to stop the sound from playing


is not doing much of anything. I run that code from another button tap somewhere else in the app. I suppose things are not working out because FlutterRingtonePlayer starts playing from an isolate/thread inside AlarmManager and so even if I kill the AlarmManager isolate/thread, the FlutterRingtonePlayer isolate (inside AlarmManager isolate) still keeps running. Not sure though..


I just found the answer, which is actually quite simple: One needs to start another oneShot with AlarmManager using the same ID as before and simply stop the ringtone from there:

await AndroidAlarmManager.oneShot(
                          const Duration(seconds: 0),
                          0, //This ID has to be the same as above
                          exact: true,
                          wakeup: true,
Future<void> stopRingtone() async {
  await FlutterRingtonePlayer.stop();

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